Dear DVS Diamonds visitors, customers and members,


DVS Diamonds attaches great importance to the personal data of its members and their rights arising therefrom.


Therefore, we present the following explanations to the attention of our visitors, customers, members and third parties in order to fulfill our practices regarding the processing of your personal data and the disclosure obligation arising from Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law No. 6698”).


DVS Diamonds reserves the right to keep this Explanatory Text Regarding the Protection of Personal Data updated all the time within the framework of the amendments to be made in the relevant legislation.


This letter includes our cookies policy comprising information in regards to the clarification text regarding the use of your personal data, if you want to give explicit consent, and cookies used if you visit the Website in the below-mentioned conditions;


- Visiting Nilüfer Boztürk ("DVS Diamonds") showrooms ("Showroom") and/or shopping at the Showroom,


- Visiting the Website, shopping on the Website, or becoming a member (‘’Website Member’’) of the Website by using the website ("Site"),


- Acknowledging general and/or personalized campaign notifications through commercial communication channels,


Necessary measures regarding the security of the information given by and obtained from you, and the relevant transactions have been taken by our Company or the relevant institution, in the systems, within the technological possibilities and cost factors, with appropriate technical and administrative methods, depending on the nature of the information and transaction.


Clarification Text


What is the legal basis for DVS Diamonds to collect personal data?


Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection, Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce and Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages include provisions regarding the processing or protection of personal data. Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 stipulates certain sanctions regarding the processing and confidentiality of personal data.


We, DVS Diamonds, require the personal data of our visitors, customers and members to be processed in order to fulfill our obligations arising from the contracts to be drawn up with you within the framework of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts and to provide the best service.


Which of your personal data are processed?


- We process your security camera footage in order to ensure the safety of you, DVS Diamonds and its employees and other third parties against any illegal act, crime or behavior that may occur in the Showroom, and to provide information, documents and other related obligations to the judicial authorities in this regard,


- Your location and showroom visit information,


- Your credentials (name, surname),


- Your address,


- Your contact information (phone number, e-mail address),


- Shopping Information (shopping date, time, amount, shopping content, payment method (credit card, cash) and payment details),


- Your credit card information if you shop via your credit card,


- Your Republic of Turkey ID number, tax number, individual company information if you want it to be included in the invoice,


- Your information essential for marketing (Date of birth, gender information, Site usage, shopping habits, address, demographic member/user/customer information, shopping habits-preferences for all kinds of products and services, campaigns, surveys etc. and their contents, invoice contents, payment methods (cash) , credit card etc.) and payment details (installment amount etc.), old and new mobile/home/business phone/fax numbers, e-mail addresses, approach-actions to electronic commercial and other communications, cookies (cookie, web browser beacons-information, IP, beacon, wired-wireless network connection information, etc.), ad identifier information, location data if location sharing is allowed).


For Which Purposes Are Your Personal Data Processed?


Via sharing your information, you will enable us to offer you products and services as needed, to provide more responsive service and to improve our websites. The data that you share with us or that we collect from you automatically is collected for the reasons listed hereinbelow (but not limited to);


- To provide personalized services for our members and to increase user satisfaction by improving the experience of our users,


- To communicate with our members to the extend permitted by them, to inform our members about our services and campaigns,


- To monitor the technical functions of the DVS Diamonds website and to ensure its proper operation,


- To use the DVS Diamonds website for advertising and sales purposes so that our members can continue to use the DVS Diamonds website free of charge,


- To send you our publishings,


- To send you newsletters or notifications via e-mail,


- To answer your questions and provide an efficient customer service,


- To inform you in regards to our new services,


- To do marketing directly via DVS Diamonds website or collaborators,


- To use these data for the purposes of various statistical evaluations, data base formations and market researches without disclosing the identity of our members,


- To identify system-related problems and promptly resolve any problems that may arise within the DVS Diamonds website,


- To develop and improve our services by analyzing the experience of our members, to increase the variety of content and products,


- To communicate with you regarding our services in this context (instant message, e-mail, other online and offline message/push notifications), to offer you options in line with your preferences and tastes, to provide you with technical support in case you encounter technical infrastructure problems, if deemed necessary, to share with you the current developments and product recommendations regarding the products you follow,


- To take technical and legal measures regarding our products and services (e.g., to prevent illegal content sharing),


- You may be asked to share your geographic location information if you are using the services we offer on your mobile device. Therefore, your data are used for the purposes of providing you with content or related advertisements and services based on the region or country you reside, responding quickly to your needs and to produce solutions, and for advertising sales so that our members can continue to benefit from DVS Diamonds websites free of charge, in cases where we cooperate with our own digital platforms or third parties, personalize your location information on these platforms and share information in regards to your geographical location.


What are our cause of actions with respect to collecting your personal data?


As DVS Diamonds, we collect your personal data via automatic or non-automatic means upon recording the information you verbally declared to the sales consultants in the showroom, through the security cameras in the showroom, through the devices in the showroom, on our systems by these persons, saving the information you share about your purchases or membership transactions on showroom and the Website on our systems, recording the data that is obtained from the use of your fixed-mobile internet and communication devices in various media and environments on our systems, recording all kinds of shopping, collection, delivery, transaction, survey filling, registration and behavioral transactions on our Showroom and Website, saving the information you provided during communication with you via telephone on our systems, or upon your written consent for personalized/commercial communication in the showroom.


As DVS Diamonds, we collect your personal data based on cause of actions of “necessity of the data processing for the establishment and performance of the contract”, “fulfillment of legal obligation” and “obligatory data processing for the legitimate interests of the data controller” regarding the membership and sales processes on the Website and Showroom, cause of action of "fulfillment of legal obligation" regarding our custody obligations arising from the legislation, cause of actions regarding the recording with security cameras in the showroom, "obligatory data processing for the legitimate interests of the data controller" and "obligatory data processing and transfer for the establishment, exercise or protection of rights", and cause of actions in regards to your explicit consent for personalized/commercial communication.


Are your personal data shared?


We transfer your collected personal data to the following persons/entities, to the extend permitted by the performance of the above-mentioned purposes and the cause of actions arising from the Law No. 6698 and other legal regulations;


- Business partners and service providers of DVS Diamonds in Turkey for purposes such as information technologies, marketing activities, or consultancy services that require expertise, and to receive product and service support in personal data collection processes (call center, personal data collection service via devices, marketing consultancy, database, electronic message tool service providers, consultancy, etc. companies), or abroad as the servers of our domestic business partners are located abroad,


- Our business partners from whom we receive courier and cargo services in order to send you your shopping and all other product requests on the site,


- Institutions, organizations and authorities, whose information is requested from us, in order to fulfill our other obligations and to provide information, documents and other related obligations to authorized and authorized public institutions and organizations and judicial authorities, and to use our legal rights such as lawsuit and reply rights,


- We transfer your credit card information to third parties that provide services such as the relevant bank, electronic payment institution, etc. without being registered by DVS Diamonds in case you use the credit card payment method,


Indispensable technical and legal measures are taken to prevent violations of rights during data transfer to third parties. Nevertheless, DVS Diamonds is not responsible for the breaches that may occur in the risky field within the third party's responsibility and due to the data protection policies of the third party receiving the personal data.


What are your rights arising from the Personal Data Protection Law?


In the event that you submit your requests regarding your rights as personal data owners to DVS Diamonds through the methods set out below, DVS Diamonds shall finalize this request as soon as possible and within 30 days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request.


Data owners have the following rights regarding themselves by applying to the data controller within the scope of Law No. 6698;


- The right with regard to learning whether your personal data were processed or not,


- The right with regard to requesting respective information in the case where his/her personal data are processed by us,


- The right with respect to learning the processing purpose of his/her personal data and whether these data were used in accordance with this purpose or not,


- The right with respect to knowing the third persons to whom the personal data were transferred in Turkey,


- The right with respect to requesting correction in the cases where the personal data were processed deficiently or incorrectly,


- Without prejudice to the provisions of other laws regarding the deletion, destruction or anonymization of personal data, in the event that the reasons for the processing of your personal data are no longer valid, your personal data is deleted, destroyed or anonymized by the data controller ex officio or upon the request of the person concerned regardless of whether they are processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant legislation. The right with regards to requesting deletion or eradication of personal data within the framework of the relevant terms,


- The right with regards to requesting notification of the transactions made to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred,


- The right with respect to objecting to occurrence of a result to the detriment of the relevant person through the analysis of the processed data exclusively via automated systems,


- The right with regards to requesting the compensation of your loss in the case where you incur any loss due to processing of your personal data in contravention of the Personal Data Protection Law.


We, DVS Diamonds, may stop using the cookies we use on our website, change their types or functions, or add new cookies to our website. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the provisions of this text at any time. Our notice regarding the updated statement and privacy policy will come into effect once it is published on our website.


You can forward your applications to DVS Diamonds, acting in the capacity of Data Controller, via the communication channels listed below. (We would like to remind you that in cases where the relevant request must be made in a certain procedure by law, the said procedure must be followed).


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