Diamond 101

Diamond 101

‘Let alone the other gems and jewelries, diamond is more valuable than anything in the world’

‘King of the gemstones.’

‘Best friend of the women.’

‘Symbol of power.’

‘Might of the kings, shahs, sultans.’

‘As bright as the sun.’

‘Stars on the earth.’

These are just a few of the words we heard about diamonds said by powerful and important characters in history...

What makes diamond so valuable?

Is this jewelry entitled for such hair-raising sayings? Or, do we consume the diamond so quickly, like everything in the world today, not attributing its righteous might?

We may answer these questions in pages of blog posts, however, let us first begin by telling you the history of the brilliant, that is, diamond as an introduction:

Welcome to DVS Diamonds - Diamond 101-1 Lesson!

Brilliant, that is, diamond, undergoes quite an everlasting and laborious process before being presented on these shiny jewelry showcases. What we mean by everlasting and laborious is that this jewelry has a history of millions, or even billions of years.

This jewelry is a carbon that exists in a layer 600-700 km below the ground, which we know as the mantle layer. As a result of being exposed to high pressure and heat between 900 million and 3.5 billion years, it completes its formation over the years and is brought to the earth sometimes naturally and sometimes by human power. So, this is the transformation of this carbon into brilliant, that is, diamond.

Brilliant (diamond) is valuable not only for women or gemologists, but also for the geologists as well. The reason is that, even though ruby, sapphire and emerald are among the most valuable jewelries in the world, they only shed light upon the upper layer and surface area of the world; however, diamond enlightens us completely about the bottom layers of the world.

If we are all clear regarding the formation of diamond even just a little bit, we may continue with our second lesson.

In our next lesson, we will answer the questions of who first discovered the diamond, who used it, and what makes it so valuable.

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December 15, 2021
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