Sade Üç İnci Bileklik
Sade Üç İnci Bileklik
Sade Üç İnci Bileklik

Plain Three Pearl Bracelet (BL20842)

Price : $85.55

In ancient Greece, there was a belief that pearls were the tears of the gods. Did you know that for this reason brides wear pearls, so they don't cry at their own wedding? 😊

We created the Plain Three Pearl Bracelet design by embroidering the pearl model, which is known for its naturalness and fascinates with its unique color, in its simplest form. The minimal look they create with the combination of small pearl stones is a beauty worth seeing...You can also consider the pearl, which is the lucky stone of people born in June, as a gift alternative for your loved ones.


Artır Azalt
Mineral Color
Mineral k
1,28 Gr