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Solitaire Rings

The Diamond Solitaire Ring was first given by Austrian Archduke Maximilian while proposing to Mary of Burgundy, and so the tradition of the man proposing with a diamond ring began. However, this tradition was mainly practiced by the aristocratic class. Now it has become an affordable ring option for everyone :)

One of the most important details in the marriage proposal run, where the first steps are taken and the excitement is felt at the peak, is the Solitaire Ring.

Although it may seem quite easy to choose a solitaire ring, it is actually not that simple. Stone selection is very important when choosing a solitaire ring. When designs with stone shapes such as oval, round and princess are included, it becomes a little bit more difficult for you to understand how many details are there and make a decision, right? Don't panic, we will help you find the most suitable Solitaire Ring for you :)

Solitaire Ring selection differs according to the taste of the person. Some women prefer more elegant solitaires, while others prefer larger and flamboyant solitaires. One of the biggest differences of DVS Diamonds is that it prepares even the flamboyant solitaires in a delicacy that will provide an appearance full of simplicity and elegance, far from exaggeration :)

Let DVS Diamonds be by your side in the first steps of your marriage path and own one of our different and unique Solitaire Ring designs!

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