The contracting party regarding the (‘’Website’’) is: Nilüfer Bozkurt (‘’Our Company’’).


Our contact information is as follows:


Address: Alemdar Mah. Bab-ı Ali Cad. Tasvire Han No: 38 Kat: 3 Fatih/İstanbul


Telephone: 0212 511 37 99


E-mail: [email protected]


Internet Address:


Registration No: 729978


For the execution of this membership agreement, it is sufficient to enter the required Member(ship) Information and password to be determined by you, and to provide specified approval and/or permissions and press the [Complete Membership] button etc. We kindly ask you to enter your name, e-mail address / mobile phone number and other mandatory information correctly, completely and without any fault. If you notice an error, please correct it. Upon the completion of the membership process, you may correct the missing parts/faults that you notice in the ‘My Account’ section, which can be accessed from the ‘Member Login’ section.


After the membership process, we will send this Membership Information-Agreement (in form-text format) to the e-mail address specified by you in the Membership Information section. You may access the Membership Information-Agreement from our Website as a form. A member ‘’exclusive’’ (information is provided as a party) Agreement text may not be retained in the systems of our Company separately.


You may terminate your membership at any time by verbal or written notification to our Company via the abovementioned communication channels, without justification and without any penalty. Likewise, our Company reserves the right to terminate/suspend memberships for various grounds.


The following Privacy Rules-Policy and Terms of Use shall apply regarding the confidentiality, protection, retention, processing-use and destruction of member-customer information on our Company and our Website, as well as commercial electronic communications and other matters.


Necessary measures regarding the security of the information and transactions provided by the members are retained in the relevant systems and internet infrastructure by our Company or the relevant institution, depending on the nature of the information and transaction. When you use our Website, all the credit card transactions and validations shall be carried out online, independently of our Company, by the relevant Bank and similar Card Institutions. (Information such as credit card ""password"" is not viewed and recorded by our Company).


Information provided regarding the membership, product/service purchase and information update on our Website, as well as sensitive confidential information of credit and debit cards, cannot be viewed by other internet users.


Member informations may be disclosed to relevant organizations within the framework of our liabilities stipulated by legal regulations.


Our members may cease commercial electronic communications to their parties at any time and without justification (above-below), by contacting our Company through the relevant communication channels or via the rejection process specified in our mails, or via benefiting from the legitimate system of the competent authorities. As per the explicit declaration of the member, communications between the member and the specified channel shall be ceased (Processes and communications that are possible-required by law continue in any case) in accordance with her/his explicit notification on this matter.


Our members may remove "cookies" and/or stop receiving notifications from the operating system and/or internet browser settings of their computers and mobile devices at any time.


Explicit consent of our members who change any of their information with the information update process (including their contact information) regarding their personal data and electronic commercial communications shall also apply for their changed/new information. Our members who cease commercial electronic communication for any communication channel-address by changing their communication preferences or perform the rejection process in our commercial electronic messages, may take an action indicating that they wish to receive communication, and subsequently, they will continue to receive our commercial electronic messages through the relevant channel, based on their approval herein or whatsoever until they change their communication preference on the membership page on our site or until they execute a duly disclaimer for any commercial communication without the need for further permission/approval and without taking into account the previous rejection notices, if any.


The Member who acknowledges this Agreement by providing the information required in the Membership Information section on our Site, also declares and undertakes that he/she has read and understood all the information and terms specified in this Information-Agreement, that he/she shall comply with all obligations of his/her party duly and completely, and that he/she shall also bear the relevant rights and responsibilities, and has duly read and examined the information regarding the personal data transactions and membership-customer services on our Website and/or showroom beforehand.


Other websites accessed via our Website has their own privacy-security policies and terms of use. Our Company shall not be held liable in regards to their use of information from websites accessed for advertising, banners, viewing content or for any other purpose, from any notifications they receive and from mobile applications; likewise, disputes, material and moral damages and losses that may occur due to the violation of ethical principles, privacy-security principles, personal data storage and destruction policies, service quality, terms of use and other practices of the websites.


All intellectual-industrial rights and property rights, excluding those belonging to other third parties, belong to our Company, in accordance with our Company's agreement, regarding all kinds of information and content related to our site, as well as their arrangement, revision and partial/full use.


Members shall be deemed responsible for the information they obtain from all kinds of notifications from our Website or other sites linked on our Site, the information, promotions and advertisements provided electronically to their parties, as well as the decisions taken within the framework of the suggestions of any nature, and all kinds of transactions and practices executed accordingly, and relevant conclusions.


Should the members be informed with the specified copies and/or purchase a product/service after the communications, informings, notifications, promotions and advertisements made thereof, the aforementioned transaction shall also be subject to the consumer to be executed with the seller/supplier in accordance with the relevant law. The consumer contract is implemented based on its own terms and between the parties. In the purchases from our Website, the order pre-information form-distance sales contract terms (also) to be provided to you in each transaction shall be valid.


Our company reserves the right to make any amendments it deems necessary in regards to the abovementioned issues and in the products, services and opportunities it will offer to its members; these amendments shall be effective from the moment they are announced by our Company on the Site by other appropriate methods; all offers are subject to announced terms.


You can consult our Company for additional information regarding all the abovementioned issues.


Our members may communicate their requests and complaints to our Company through the following communication channels:


Address: Alemdar Mah. Bab-ı Ali Cad. Tasvire Han No: 38 Kat: 3 Fatih/İstanbul


Telephone: 0212 511 37 99


E-mail: [email protected]


Internet Address:


Registration No: 729978


We would be glad to help you in all kinds of applications upon justified demands-complaints of our members. If not possible, you may apply to the Provincial and District Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in your settlement within the legal monetary limits.


Cookie Policy


We, DVS Diamonds, use various types of cookies on the Website in order to perform statistical studies on the use of the site, to prepare targeted advertisements/promotions and to provide you with an effective customer experience. These cookies are session cookies, persistent cookies, essential cookies, functionality cookies, analytics cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.


Cookies are are small bits of data placed on computers and mobile devices with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning and development of the website visited, personalization and improvement of the user experience, providing users to visit the sites without logging in and/or sending commercial-social notices to your party (which you can see even if your internet browser is closed, depending on the situation), providing and transmitting general or customized information, advertisements and promotions to site users-visitors in general, both on the relevant site and on other sites (including social media-networks and online advertising networks). Furthermore, we share the traffic data we obtain through cookies with our domestic third party business partners and digital marketing companies for digital marketing purposes. Cookies are retained on computers-devices for a suitable period of time, provided that the legal maximum period - if any - is not exceeded.


Visitors using our site are deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned application, as well as the processing of the relevant cookies in the personal data legislation and other parts of this information text for the purposes and scope-terms stipulated for your various information (including transfer-sharing and use to third parties in this framework).


Visitors may remove cookies and/or stop receiving the aforementioned notifications at any time via the settings of the program and/or operating system and/or internet browser on their devices (In this case, it should be known that our Website / related device / program may not work as desired and / or the user may not have the relevant knowledge in regards to the contents of the notification).

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