Sade Collection Necklace

Necklaces, one of the favorite jewelry of women, have always been a good gift choice. The necklaces belonging to the Plain Collection are the best gifts you can purchase for the people in your life, your loved one, your close friend or even yourself. Let's take a look together at the necklaces of the Plain Collection :) We have carefully crafted the Simple Pencil Italian Chain Necklace model that will be liked by almost everyone. It is also an ideal necklace choice to combine with other necklaces. The shine of baguette stones adds a different touch to every design. Baguette Diamond Charm Bracelet model, which provides versatile ease of use can be worn both as a necklace and as a bracelet,and it is one of the most special design options. We combined the Evil Eye Beaded Eye Necklace model with a heart figure and an eye-catching design came out. You can always carry the symbol, which is believed to protect from the evil eye and bad energy, on your neck. You can display small plain patterned chain necklaces on your neck, or you can wrap them around your wrist to create a multi-bracelet look with a single product.

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