I graduated from Yeditepe University with a Master's Degree in English Language Teaching and Integrated Marketing Communication and Brand Management, and contributed to the formation and development of many brands by working in agencies. Thereafter, I established the DVS Diamonds brand to process diamonds, the passion of almost all women, with unique designs, with the Training on Diamonds I received as a member of a family with generations of goldsmith experience. Our brand name, DVS Diamonds, represents the whitest and most preferred clarity in the world, annotated as D color VS clarity.


DVS Diamonds was established with the aim of highlighting the designs that reflect the preferences, elegance and naivety of us, women, in a male-dominated industry, and to examine and find the most appropriate diamond for you by providing a diamond appraisal service during the designing process. Our collection bears the most timeless and unique jewelry designs esteemed by a woman that are anything but ordinary, closest to your dreams, that will suit you and your loved ones best, and that are the best gifts for you and the next generations.


When you happen to visit us, we can answer all your questions about diamond, and together, we can find you ‘’the’’ design that most suits you. We establish a bond beyond a customer-workplace relation, evolving into a friendship that may last for years.

Welcome to our family.

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