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Sade Collection

What does simplicity mean to you? In our opinion, simplicity means no exaggeration, far from complexity and plainness. Doesn't the simplicity of everything appeal to you too? DVS Diamonds brought together both simple and elegant designs for you. You will be able to reach the elegance you need by providing ease of daily use with our simple designs inspired by the rich look of the gold color. Thanks to our wide range of products, get ready to discover the designs closest to you from our minimal designs that are far from ostentatious!

Once you buy a product from the plain category, it becomes both a necklace and a bracelet, don't you think it's very convenient? :) Le Petit Diamond 0.25 Carat Baguette Diamond Charm Necklace is a candidate to be an indispensable part of your jewelry collection with its versatile feature that you can use on your neck or on your wrists! Do you want to feel the simplicity both on your neck and on your wrist thanks to the long chain length? If your answer is yes, start browsing now!

How about crowning your fingers with mini figures? The Eye Ring model, which belongs to the Plain category and seems to never go out of fashion, is one of the most ideal jewelry pieces for daily use. You can also take a look at our Plain Paw Ring model, which we have specially prepared for those who love our paw friends. You can start browsing many trendy design models from the favorite pieces of our Plain Collection, such as the Simple Lock Ring and the Simple Heart Lock Ring, and many more!

Chain bracelets always match with any combination. You should definitely take a look at the chain bracelets specially designed with the touch of DVS Diamonds. The latest fashion design of gold-colored hoop earrings, belonging to the Plain Collection, which provides ease of daily use, leaves its mark on the season. Don't you also have an accessory from the DVS Diamons Plain Collection? :) You can browse and purchase the necklace, ring, bracelet and earring models in the Plain Collection and even combine complementary pieces of jewelry.

Let's start discovering the privilege of DVS Diamonds' quality right away!

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